WE ARE WATCHING is a flag the size of a 10-storey building, raised at key climate events to hold leaders accountable as they decide the future of our planet. On it is a monumental eye, made up of thousands of portraits contributed from 190 countries. The message is clear: the eyes of the world are upon you. 

The flag's first tour of duty was the COP25 UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, where global representatives gathered with a view to committing to urgent environmental targets. The flag flew there and was carried by the crowd at the end of the 500,000-people-strong March for Climate, where artivist Dan Acher presented the project on stage before Greta Thunberg and Javier Bardem spoke their manifestos. As the summit drew to a close the faces of We Are Watching were brought into the COP25’s Green Zone as Fridays For Future leaders decried the disconnect between what the science requires and what the climate negotiations were delivering.

The flag is growing and continuing its journey to climate events around the globe, keeping the eyes of the world firmly on decision-makers.

Creator Dan Acher is an artivist, Ashoka Fellow and the founder of Happy City Lab. At the center of his work is art as generator of social change across local and global communities. He uses cities as playgrounds, in which his large-scale installations enable strangers to come together and connect beyond their differences. Dan is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and is the creator of BOREALIS : The Northern Lights on Demand.